Thursday, February 6, 2014

Too Many Government Websites

On the White House website, they posted a blog article about how the Federal Government had too many websites. Over 2000 of them. Unfortunately, as they they always do, they missed the entire point of this revelation.

Their focus, upon learning of this fact, is to simply reduce the number of websites. 

What they should be doing is reducing the number of government organizations behind these websites that are intruding on American’s lives and unnecessarily robbing them of their hard earned cash through taxation.

You can read the article here:

If you want to get an idea of how bloated the government is, just google .gov

I know this analogy is a bit dated and I'm sure you or someone else could easily come up with a current version that more people would understand, but here goes:

We have a train with a steam engine that needs to deliver goods to market. The steam engine is commerce, businesses producing products for market. Since the steam engine runs on steam, it has to be heated, or manufactured. We make the steam by shoveling coal (I know. Mean ole nasty coal.) into a fire box to heat the water. I’ll tell you what. We’ll use wood instead. The people throwing the wood are the employees and business owners. Everything is going great. The fire box is hot, there is lots of steam to work the pistons that move the wheels, and the locomotive is cruising down the tracks.

Everything is going great for a while. Pretty soon, the government notices that the train is moving smoothly from point A to point B and thinks, “We can use this train for passengers too!” So the government tells the train that they have to carry passengers for free. It won’t affect them. They’ll just fill up the empty spaces among the goods.

Things are going well for a while. Then the passengers start getting thirsty. The government says to the employees, “You have plenty of water in your boiler storage tank. We need some to give to the passengers so they won’t die of thirst.”

Well, the train keeps chugging along at a steady pace, so the government allows more passengers to ride for free. This is a really long trip, so the old and new passengers get thirsty again, and the government takes more water from the storage tank.

Pretty soon, as the government keeps adding passengers, the train gets heavier and heavier. To keep the train moving, the employees and business owners work harder, throwing more and more wood on the fire, and they’re getting tired. Soon, the storage tank runs dry and the train breaks down. The workers quit and the passengers, who became so accustomed to the free water, die of thirst.

The government has taken over $17,265,000,000.00 worth of water out of the storage tank and it’s about to run dry. 52% of Americans are receiving some form of government assistance, not including Social Security and Medicare. Many of these people have been receiving these entitlements for more than five generations.

When the tank runs dry, they will starve and will loot and kill to find food and water.

The government can correct all of this by reducing its size and breadth and wean the people from the government teat. Will they ever do it? When pigs fly!