Friday, November 2, 2012

DHS FEMA Armored Fighting Vehicles

Seen recently... just so you know. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) ordered 2500 of these. Coming to a town near you! If you just figure the lower 48 states, that's 52 armored fighting vehicles per state! Better start your prepping list!

Note: If you don't look around at the rest of this blog, you're missing a ton of information...

DHS MRAP (Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicle)

Video Explanation Of the DHS MRAP

Updated 2/7/2013: Has anyone seen these or know what they're for?
Seen on I-20 west bound between Atlanta and Birmingham.


  1. Wake up America!!!!

  2. If that is a "rescue vehicle" dog can fly backwards. I'll wait for an ambulance.

  3. The bottom 3 pics are an M992 artillery supply vehicle.