Friday, April 22, 2011

Economic Collapse

The government continues to spend more than it receives more rapidly and in greater amounts. This in combination with printing more money at a rapid pace, devalues the dollar against other world currencies. At some point, the rest of the world removes the dollar as the world currency and the dollar experiences hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation occurs where an item’s price may double or triple in a month, a week or even a day.

Workers demand to be paid at the end of each day in an attempt to hedge inflation enough to buy groceries on the way home and pay bills before the prices go up again.

People begin a run on banks and markets to get their life savings out for two reasons: To pay for goods and services under hyperinflation and for fear that they will lose it all when the institutions fail.

All financial institutions and markets begin to fail.

The power grid goes down because people can no longer pay their power bills and the power companies can’t pay their employees. They won’t work for free, so they abandon their jobs. Businesses begin to close their doors, because without power, they cannot operate.

Back up generators at homes, stores, and businesses typically only have a couple of days of fuel. They are only there to hedge against a few days without power from a storm. Without power, the city and county water supplies quit flowing. The sewer systems begin to back up.

Within the country, virtually all governments; federal, state, and local can no longer operate effectively and marshal law is put into effect. Being such a small percentage of the population, law enforcement is no match for what is about to happen.

A significant reduction in population will occur over the next few months.

People typically only have about three to five days worth of food in their homes, so they make a run on the grocery stores in hope of getting enough food that doesn’t need to be frozen or refrigerated to last them a while.

The process at the grocery store is painfully slow because there is no power, therefore the registers don’t work. People get fed up waiting and begin leaving with the goods without paying for them. This starts the looting phase.

Stores get wiped out in minutes in the city. These stores rely on daily shipments to service thousands of people. Stores get wiped out a little slower in rural areas, but the effect is the same.

When the food runs out in the city, thousands or even millions of people leave the city to find food and water. They fan out in all directions looting the countryside of anything they can to survive. This is the first massive killing wave. Those who have food or water must protect themselves from the looters. If they can’t, they die. If they can, the looters die.

Looters find they can be much more successful if they band together, so they become armies of looters raping and pillaging homes and whole towns like waves of locusts, destroying the countryside. Only those who band together in large numbers can fight back against them. Others lock themselves in safe rooms or underground bunkers to weather out this wave. The new currency is ammunition.

At the same time during this phase, anyone who is on life support dies within a few hours or days after the hospital generators quit. Those on dialysis only last a few days.

The looters also loot the hospitals and pharmacies of any and all drugs, some to get high, and some to try to live longer. Roughly about a third of the population will die during this period, mostly in the high population areas and those in hospitals who are dependent on them to survive.

Today, pharmacies will only prescribe drugs typically for 30 days at a time. After the medicine is used up, the next dying cycle begins. All those who depend on life sustaining drugs begin to die, those with diabetes, heart conditions, etc.

Another wave of lunatics become apparent, literally. As people who are taking light mind altering drugs like Prozac to heavy drugs like Thorazine run out of medication, they no longer maintain their ‘normal’ behavior. The ones on the lighter drugs become visibly agitated, while those on the heavy medications become wild and uncontrollable.

Within 6 to 9 months half or more of the population is gone, 80% to 90% gone in the once heavily populated areas like the northeast, the west coast, and all large metropolitan areas.

Next is the most dangerous part. With more than half of the US population gone, the United Nations steps in to ‘help’ us rebuild the government. The major problem with this is that it will be a socialist/communist dictator form of government without most of the freedoms we now enjoy today.

One of the first objectives will be to make possession of any kind of firearms a crime. The very thing that saved you and your family’s life will now be taken from you. If you let this happen, you will now be a slave to the government and vulnerable to the advances of criminals. The purpose of this is simple. Without firearms, you can’t fight the government to get your freedom back.

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