Thursday, May 3, 2012

How Can America Survive? (Or any country for that matter)

Walter Williams:  When you subsidize (welfare, food stamps, etc.) slovenly behavior you’re going to get surpluses of it, and if you tax productive behavior you’re going to get scarcity of it, less of it. And what we’ve been doing as a nation, we’ve been taxing productive behavior and subsidizing slovenly behavior. (That is the ultimate goal of socialism and communism)

INT: So the American people are to blame for what is going on now?
WW: Oh yes, absolutely! You see this if you say, “Look, Williams, suppose you’re running for the United States Senate from Florida (or any other state),” and I go back and forth across the state and I say, “Look, my fellow Americans. I’ve read the United States Constitution, and if you elect me to office I’m not going to bring back aid to higher education, highway construction funds, or prescription drugs because it’s not in the Constitution.” Well then you have to ask yourself, do you think that the people say, of Florida, would elect me to the Senate? No, they would not. And they’d be doing precisely the right thing by not electing me…. If I, as a Senator from Florida don’t bring back billions of dollars, it doesn’t mean the Floridians will pay a lower federal income tax. All that it means is that it will go to Alabama instead!

INT: Do you think our National Debt is a moral issue?
WW: Oh yes! Yes, it is a moral issue…. The moral issue is the government being used to take what belongs to one American and bring it back to another American to whom it does not belong. Now when we do that privately we call it theft. The only difference when Congress does it—it’s just legalized theft.

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