Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OK.. So America Decided it Wants to be a Socialist Nation

What do we do now? Well, if you haven't started your prepping list yet, you better get started now. Go to my April 30, 2012 blog and get started right away. The value of the dollar will never be higher than it is today. If you can afford it, buy enough food to sustain your family for up to 3 years or more. Set up a pantry in your home, your own private little grocery store. When you need something, take it from your pantry and then when you go to the store, buy it and put it behind the item on your shelf. This helps you rotate your stock and keep your inventory fresh. This is exactly what the grocery store does.

The main reason you need to do this is that when hyperinflation begins, everyone else will be scrambling to buy a $1,000 can of beans while you are saving up those same dollars for a few weeks and paying off your mortgage, while eating your $1.35 can of beans that you purchased now.

If you live in or near a large town or city with a population over 15,000, consider selling your home and buying one further out. The greater the population, the further out you will want to move. Don't completely isolate yourself though. You will need others around you to help with security. The best scenario would be to find a small community of like minded people. If you can do this now, before hyperinflation set in, it will be much easier to pay off the loan. Which scenario would you like to be in:

Buy a house with a $100,000 mortgage now and pay it off with a week's worth of wages later, or wait and try to buy the same property for $1,500,000 in hyperinflationary dollars.

Take an inventory of all your talents and try to figure out what you can do to provide goods or services in an 1800's way of life. Hone up on those skills so you can hit the ground running when the final SHTF comes along.

I didn't mention all the other stuff, like guns and ammo, silver, etc., because it's covered in my 'Prepping List' blog.

Last, but not least, if the government declares any form of Marshall Law, and tells you that you have to give up your guns... or like in the FDR days, your gold and silver... WILL YOU???

Your final fate rests with that decision alone.

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