Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do you think the Gov't won't try to confiscate your guns?

This happened after Katrina hit New Orleans. Don't think that the government won't attempt to do it again when the SHTF. Why do you think the DHS has been buying billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition and "personal defense weapons" (when we buy them, they're called assault weapons)?

For those of you with a government school education, I'll answer it for you... "To use them on YOU!"

The NRA helped to mitigate the awful trampling of our constitutional rights, but a lot of damage has been done and precedents set.

One thing you will learn from these videos... Being an NRA member doesn't cost much, and the benefits and legal support behind you are worth much more than the price.

I receive no compensation from them for this blog entry, just the same benefits of being a member that you will have being a member.


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