Monday, July 8, 2013

BIG BROTHER - How to protect yourself from the NSA...

With all the talk about Edward Snowden whistle-blowing about the illegal activities of the NSA, such as monitoring all of your cellphone and computer browser activity, what is one to do to maintain some form of personal privacy?

There are several enterprising freedom loving programmers out there that are upset about BIG BROTHER to the point of writing applications to help protect people from BIG BROTHER's prying eyes. Here some examples:

Wickr - An app currently only available for the iPhone, but they are hard at work on an app for the Android. This app allows you to chat, send files and photos, etc. through encryption that is very strong and nothing is saved on any servers for the NSA to subpoena.

TOR for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone - This is a suite of applications and browsers that will encrypt just about anything you do on the internet as well as bounce your requests between a bunch of anonymous servers that help hide your ip address and all of the content you send and receive.  Just Google TOR for windows, or TOR for android, etc and read, download, install, and enjoy!

The US government is calling Edward Snowden a criminal accused of treason. When any citizen in the country publicly announces the wrong-doing of another person or business for engaging in illegal activity, it's called whistle-blowing. When the government gets caught engaging in illegal activity, the person announcing it is called a criminal traitor.

I don't know about you, but I don't trust BIG BROTHER to properly make the distinction of a person's correspondence being innocent or not, mainly due to the government's lack of common sense and level of reasonableness. Especially when the surveillance is done illegally in the first place.

Fight back now! Protect your computers and phones now from the prying eyes of a government that is totally out of control.

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