Monday, October 7, 2013

Are You Prepared for the Coming Economic Collapse?

It may take a year or more, or as mentioned in the previous blog article, it could happen in as little as three days.  Have you done what is necessary to protect yourself and your family?  How long can you survive?

If your philosophy is to do nothing and that whatever happens, happens, do you realize how painful it could be?  Do you realize that it may not be quick?  It may involve days or weeks or months of torture and/or rape and humiliation at the hands of gangs.  Are you ready for that?

Whether or not you get the torture treatment, you may end up in a DHS/FEMA Detention Camp, where you will be a slave to the government, tortured, raped, beaten, undernourished, and over worked, cleaning the dead bodies of others from the streets at gun point.

You could let all that happen and more, or you can prepare yourself mentally and physically, and do some things now that can make a huge difference in your ability to survive and help rebuild the country for you and your family.

When they publish the future entries into the history books, will you be portrayed in a photo as a dead body in a ditch among thousands of other bodies, or will you be portrayed as a survivor, helping to restore the country and maybe even the world?

Your choice speaks volumes about your character. Do you like what you see?

Prepare now. Do what you need to do. You will only get one chance to do the right thing. Do it now. Later will probably be too late.

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