Monday, April 13, 2015

US Population Post HEMP Attack or Massive Solar Flare

Here are some simple estimated survivability statistics of the population one year after the United States is hit with a high altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack. At the end of the chart is the US Census for the year 1860. With all electronics wiped out and almost all electricity gone, life will be like the 1860's again.

Very highly populated areas today in and around the larger cities will see a much lower survival rate due to lack of food and life sustaining drugs and medical equipment, increased crime, rampant murder by gangs, unsanitary conditions, and disease, 

States with a lower population density may not lose as many people, but all of the above still apply. Even farmers are at risk. When people are hungry, they are only interested in the here and now. They have little concern for the future. Even though the farmer is the nation's best bet for long term survivability, hungry people will kill them simply for what they have in their kitchen pantry.

Whenever you think about wanting to be prepared for a natural or man made disaster, preparing for an EMP whether it came from a HEMP attack or a massive solar flare is the best mindset you can have to best survive any potential situation. Why? Simple. All other disasters can be prepared for from a matter of minutes, like a tornado, to weeks or months in the case of a collapse of the dollar. It could take 10 years or more to recover from an EMP and it will happen in an instant and without warning.


So, if you take a minute before you go to work, or on vacation, or travel on business, or whatever, think about what would happen if all electricity was gone in an instant. How would you eat or drink or survive? How would you get home? Get to your loved ones? How would you protect yourself and your family now and in the future from murderers, robbers, gangs and looters? If you can answer these questions in everything you do, you will be better prepared to handle anything that happens.


"That nuts!" you say. If anything happens, the police and government will protect me. If you think this way, then you don't realize how fine the line of civilization is. The police are only an illusion of safety. First of all, even today an officer can only protect you if he can see or hear you. If he cannot physically see you or hear you scream, he can't help you. You are then on your own. Even with a telephone, they are probably too far to help you right now this instant. 90% of their work is after the assault, trying to find out who did it and try to bring them to justice (another illusion).

In the average community there is only one police officer for every 600 people. There is no way an officer can physically protect all 600 people from murderers, robbers, gangs and looters. It's worse than that though. Here's an example: A small town of 60,000 has 100 officers to protect them. Only 34 of them are on duty though, because there are 3 shifts to cover. That's one officer per 1,765 people, plus all of the people that are visiting the town for whatever reason, good or bad.

Here's another thing to think about. In whatever disaster, if the officer has a family, guess who he/she is going to want to protect? That would probably not be you. 

The right mindset could mean the difference between being the one that survived, or being one of the nine that died, and that death might not be pleasant. 

by Mark Werner of Hardened Structures of Georgia

If you have the cash, hardening your home or installing an underground shelter makes an excellent life saving investment for you, your family, and generations to come. We can also help train you and your mind to operate quickly and decisively in reaction to disasters to protect you and your family from harm.

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