Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Power for when the SHTF

This is a wood gasifier running a 45KW generator.


This is a power plant, similar to the power plant that supplies you power now. The power plant must be manned to keep it operating. In this case, manpower is needed to cut down trees, saw the logs into 1" slabs, break the slabs up into chunks, dry out and cure the wood (using heat from the gasifier), feed the hopper, monitor the power output, maintain it, etc. Just like a real power plant. If I were off grid, It would take at least three people. Two to forage, and one to be with the power plant. I sized it to run a neighborhood, because, when SHTF, it will take a lot of people to run a community, from operating this power plant, to growing food, providing security, etc.

You can build your own system. Go to http://www.woodgasifierplans.com/

This is the same guy who built my gasifier. He developed plans to make a gasifier available to anyone. Mine was expensive, but you can build one for just a couple of thousand dollars.

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