Monday, April 23, 2012

People and Sites to Follow...

When Brian Camden, the owner of Hardened Structures in Virginia brought me up to speed about what we do and how I could help them, I knew right away that I was on a very sharp learning curve. Before I met Brian, I thought I was pretty savvy about what was going on in the world. Boy, was I wrong! I was never one to be a conspiracy theorist and I'm still not. When I hear someone mention something going on in society and what they think is happening and why, I never just take them at their word. I do my homework. So, when I learned what things most people were concerned about when they approached Hardened Structures, I was intrigued. As I have always done, I dug right in and learned as much as I could about everything that was going on in the world.

In my quest for knowledge, I found books like 'One Second After', by William R Forstchen; and 'Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse' by James Wesley Rawles; and his newest book 'Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse'. These are excellent reads and will bring most people up to speed fairly quickly.

Aside from my blog here, there is also James Wesley Rawles blog '', and a quick search of 'survival blogs' will bring up many others.

Youtube is another great place to get information. In my opinion, the best youtube video sites are by southerprepper1 and engineer775. These guys are down to earth, common sense guys that have excellent complimentary skill sets that will help people plan for any disaster, natural or man made.

I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend one of their workshops held in South Carolina. What I learned at this workshop was that even with all of the prepping that I have done over the last year, I could lose it all, because I did not know how to adequately protect myself, my family, or my property.

Okay, now you think, "All I need is some guns and plenty of ammo. Let them try and come at me. I'll kill them all."  Ha, you'll be dead in less than five minutes. Guns and ammo are just tools. It's how you use those tools that matters. Another says, "But I'm a hunter. I've hunted my whole life. Nobody stands a chance with me!"  You'll be dead in ten minutes. There are not just those that are not prepping that will be wanting what you have, there are some preppers who believe that all they have to store is guns and ammo so they can take from those who have prepared properly.

Having guns and ammo and hunting skills won't prepare you for a group of humans who get together and plan an attack on your home and property. You have to be prepared for how they may attack you and have a plan ahead of time to stop or redirect it before it happens, or even prevent it from happening in the first place. You need the knowledge to be able to outsmart them.

Also, simple things like preparing for a continuous water supply, or fuel, or ways to cook or heat a home or shower for the next five or ten years. All of these are very important to long term survival after a major natural or man made disaster.

I learned far more in one day with southernprepper1 and engineer775 than I could have in six months or even a year trolling the internet. They also have a website called ''. These guys consider this more of a ministry. What services they charge barely cover their expenses. They do this for the love of helping others.

Their credentials precede them. They are among the expert panel that critiques the families on the now famous National Geographic show 'Doomsday Preppers'. They are trying to steer the program  from the sensationalism the media people are pushing, toward the more sane practical prepper.

With all of that said, I can't stress enough that you should be alert about what is going on in the world, the country, your state, and even your town, and especially your government. Set up 'Google Alerts' for key words that you want to know about. Keep current and have a finger on the pulse of the economy and where it's heading. Don't be caught stupid. Stay informed. An economic collapse or other disaster won't be a situation you will be able to recover from quickly, if at all.

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