Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Are We Letting Our Government Do To Us??? And Why???

We are sitting on top of a house of cards, and the government seems determined to take the country down economically. They want to crash the system, so they can rebuild it into a socialistic dictatorship.

Why else would Homeland security be buying as much ammo as they can? To control american citizens after the crash. Many Americans realize this and are preparing for it. The sales channels for guns and ammo are drying up. Current lead times are out 3 to 6 weeks and growing longer every day.

According to a friend in the military, they are even having difficulty ordering ammo due to civilian demand.

The government has been building massive bunkers and stocking them with food and supplies. Do you think it's for us? More likely, it's for Homeland Security. Two possible scenarios... to detain those who are against what the government wants to do; or to house and feed Homeland Security soldiers after the crash, providing them with food and shelter in return for providing DHS with Marshall Law troops to totally control the american people.

The current government wants to promote class warfare, because in the end they want two classes... the rulers (the government, who will be the new rich) and the poor (the civilians, unable to resist or risk being squashed).

And so the race continues. Americans continue to buy guns and ammo to protect their freedom, and the government is trying to keep up to make sure that doesn't happen.

Why do liberals want to transform America into a socialistic state? It didn't work in Russia. It's not working in Europe as they are about to collapse too. The government is pushing us in that direction and look at us. We are in the worst times this country has ever seen with a debt we can never repay.

With capitalism, we became the greatest nation on earth. The rest of the world envied us and longed for our way of life. We are the only country in the world that people risk their lives to come to. Those from other countries ask us why in the world we would want to change to be like them. Why would we want our grocery stores to have mostly bare shelves, and shortages of nearly all commodities.

Indeed, why would we want to be like that? We don't. Those in power do though. The liberal government has spent many years working behind the scenes through our education system. They make people dependent on government entitlements like welfare and food stamps while using those entitlements to buy votes to keep them in office so they could continue to move us in a socialistic direction. All in the interest in gaining total power and control over us. They seek absolute control. Make no mistake, they want freedom too, but their freedom is the freedom for them to have the power to keep the american people in poverty.

Is this the way you want to live??? Security provided by the federal government in turn for relinquishing your personal freedom, hopes, and desires? Do you want the government to decide what occupation you will have? Where you will live? What kind of house, or more likely an apartment you will live in? When you will be allowed to see a doctor? How much food you will be allowed to eat? What kind of car, or more likely a bicycle you will be allowed to own?

That's not the America I want. I want the kind of America our founding fathers wanted. Complete freedom and liberty to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

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