Monday, October 15, 2012

UK will not survive European economic collapse: Expert

Press TV: I wanted to ask you about these plans that David Cameron speaks of. What can you tell us about the quality of those plans in tackling this budget deficit of the United Kingdom? 

Raffone: I believe that Mr. Cameron has little choice, but to start telling the truth to his population. The economy of the UK was mostly a financial based economy and with the crisis in the financial system, the UK has been hit like any other nation in Europe and in North America. 

Press TV: When you look toward the future of the UK do you see this budget deficit in fact getting worse? 

Raffone: Yes. It is difficult for the UK to recover because it doesn’t have its own proper economy running. It’s a financial place and if the rest of the economy in the European area is collapsing, it’s impossible for the UK to survive, it will follow suit. 

Also the position the British government is developing about Europe is completely inconsistent.

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