Monday, December 3, 2012

Home or Retreat Security

A friend and I had a discussion the other day about security protection at a retreat, or your home if you decide to stay where you are.

He felt that his handgun and a couple of boxes of ammo was sufficient to protect himself. Anyone else who chooses to be with him needs to have their own.

He is entitled to his opinion, but I would rather be over prepared than barely prepared.

Firearms are a Force Multiplier. This means that if you have a firearm, your ability to enter into a combat situation and survive is greater than if you only had your fists. There are other force multipliers, like intelligence information about your adversary, night vision, booby traps, video surveillance, more people, etc, and the list goes on and on. Generally, the side with the most force will win.

After the collapse, the bad guys are going to quickly group together to increase their chances at being successful in their endeavors (taking your stuff and then killing you and those with you). The police won't be able to help. They'll have their hands full elsewhere.

The majority of the population will not be prepared for what is to come. So when you and your friends and neighbors group together, it is likely that some or many of them will not bring a force multiplier with them.

If you can afford it, having several weapons to share will greatly increase your odds of survival. The basics of how to operate the weapon can be quickly taught to a novice, and those with experience will be able to help a lot immediately.

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